Crisis Ministries gets $15,000 from Bi-Lo

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Crisis Ministries on Monday announced it had received a $15,000 grant from the Bi-Lo Holdings Foundation.{}

The money will help the group run the food rescue truck and one of the largest soup kitchens in the Lowcountry.{}

"Crisis Ministries serves nearly 200,000 meals to our homeless and hungry neighbors each year," said Stacey W. Denaux, CEO of Crisis Ministries. "This gift from The Bi-Lo Holdings Foundation will provide critical resources to ensure no one goes to sleep hungry in our community."

Construction workers on Walnut Street are forging the future of Crisis Ministries.{} Brick by brick, they're building 30,000 square feet of space to help homeless veterans and others who need a hand.

"Local civic groups, religious organizations, businesses, individuals have all come together to help us build this new building to support the people in our community who need our help," said Anne Jackson, annual fund manager for Crisis Ministries.

Leaders say the current facility is old, and repairs are too costly for a shelter that's obsolete.{} That's why the gift from Bi-Lo Holdings Foundations will keep the kitchen open a little longer.

"This helps us alleviate some of the stress of fundraising in the community and enables us to continue our operations," said Jackson.

Crisis Ministries broke ground on the new $7.7-million building in October 2011. When it's complete this summer, the facility will offer beds, bathrooms, and more.

"We're also going to have a health clinic, a training kitchen, and all of our counseling space.{} Both individual and group counseling space, so it will truly be a place where you can get any service you need to help end your homelessness," said Amy Zeigler, vice president of development for Crisis Ministries.

Still, $1.7 million is needed to finish the project debt free.

"We need any gift size, from the small gifts to the very large gifts to make this building a reality," said Zeigler.{}

Crisis Ministries provides nearly 200,000 meals every year to those who are hungry.{}For more information on making a donation, go to

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