Crosstown drivers get relief

By Tessa

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV)- Crosstown commuters have had to deal with delays and traffic jams for the past six months but there is relief on the way this week.

Work on the drainage pipes along the Septima P. Clark Expressway began last November. Since then, two inside lanes of the road have been closed to traffic.

"We know that anytime you have highway construction and you impair the movement of traffic whether it's closing a lane or even just having the work there slows people down. That's an inconvenience, we understand that and don't take that lightly," says Mayor Riley.

The first phase of the drainage project will be wrapping this week and that means that traffic will flow much easier from one end of the crosstown to the other.

And there's more good news. Riley says that this phase is finishing a little earlier than expected.

"We're always happy when a complicated construction project gets a little ahead of schedule."

The second{} phase will get underway this month and is projected to be completed this November. During that time, work will be contained to underground and commuters should not experience any more traffic woes.

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