Crossing guard: 'I don't remember anything'

By Eric

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCIV) -- A Lowcountry crossing guard, who was hit by a car almost two weeks ago, is now home after being released from the hospital.

Monday, Natalie Boles, 35, made a plea to drivers to pay attention. She suffered a serious head injury after she was hit outside Sangaree Intermediate School almost two weeks ago. She's still recovering but returned home from the hospital Sunday.

Boles says the area where she works as a crossing guard is in dire need of a change. She doesn't remember when she got hit but the accident will leave a lasting impact.

"I don't remember anything about that day, that's what scares me is that I don't remember a whole lot that happened that day," Boles said.

She says her most recent memory since is from just days ago in the hospital. She was hit in the head when she was patrolling Royale Road and Schoolhouse Lane outside of the Sangaree schools. The injury has caused her brain swelling, memory loss and more.

"I've got really bad headaches they said that would go away eventually," said Boles.

Since the crash, parents and school administrators have petitioned law enforcement and state highway leaders for a traffic light. Boles says a light may help but she says accidents like her's can be avoided, as long as people are more careful behind the wheel.

"It is awful, it's awful, and there's no way out other than coming back out through that intersection," she said. "It's just common sense. You're taking your child to school, my goodness, you know?"

Berkeley County deputies will help monitor the intersection until the end of the school year.

Officials are working to have at least a temporary remedy in place by the fall.

Doctors tell Boles she should not suffer any long-lasting effects. For the time being, she's not allowed to drive, and she'll spend most of her time resting at home with her husband and three daughters.

School leaders are considering widening the exits to the Sangaree schools or even adding a lane to Schoolhouse Lane, if they do not get a traffic light.