CSU golfer ready for big showing at Rice Planters

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Most golfers at this week's Rice Planters Invitational have the same mentality and{} Charleston Southern golfer Ross Thomson is no exception.{}

"Every tournament I play, I'd like to win. I wouldn't go to the tourney if I didn't think I could win," said Thomson.{}

The Rice Planters is big in the amateur golf world and draws players from far and wide. Those players are amateurs compared to Thomson when it comes to getting to Charleston.{}

"My parents are South African," said Thomson. "I lived on three continents before I was 4 (years old).{} I lived in Sandton, South Africa; The Hague, Holland; Plano, Texas; Southlake, Texas; Washington, California, Hilton Head Island, and Atlanta, Ga."

All of those places came before he landed at Charleston Southern.{}

"I was looking at bigger schools, they didn't work, so I'm happy I ended up here at CSU. I've played since I was a freshman," he said.

Thomson has spent plenty of time following his parents around the world. His parents have spent plenty of time chasing him around the golf course.{}

"It's the best to watch your son play, absolutely the best," said his father Mark Thomson.{}

Mark and Linda Thomson followed work around the world. Now retired, their work is plotting out their next trip, and they haven't missed one of Ross' tournaments from coast to coast.

"He hasn't missed a hole, OK, maybe one or two," said Ross Thomson.{}

"We don't miss any tournaments, we're retired now, so it gives me the opportunity to go to all tournaments," Mark Thomson said.{}

If that isn't enough, with one year left in college, the Thomsons moved to Daniel Island to be even closer to their. Mom watches while Dad usually does a little coaching on the course.{}

"The best, you can't beat it. It's a sport for life, a great opportunity for any father to spend good quality time with their children," said Mark Thomson.{}

They've certainly chased that dream.