CSU women's basketball coach facing more than the challenge of a new job

By Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - For most coaches starting at a new program, their main concerns are relocating, recruiting and scheduling.{} Charleston Southern's new women's head basketball coach Fred Applin has had to deal with much more.{}

He's at practice now. He was there on day one, and for Fred Applin it's all about elation, not apprehension for the start.{}

"It's real exciting that I'm here.{} The staff is excited.{} One thing I've learned is players have opened their arms to the new coaching staff," says the longtime college coach.{} "I'm truly blessed. It's something I take very serious about getting physicals."{}

In his preseason physical, Fred Applin's doctors found something very serious, prostate cancer.

He had surgery two days later on September 6 to remove it and less than one month later, he was on the Buc Dome basketball court.{}

"It was a shock, my faith is in the lord, he gave me a few minutes to go, 'Alright - you've got cancer, this is what we're going to do,'" says Applin.

Fred Applin has fought and pressed on since his cancer surgery a month ago.{}

"Prostate cancer is something you can't play with.{} I'm healing, doing what doctors tell me to do.{} The administration is awesome here telling me to take my time."{}

Applin's goal is being back with his girls on day one, that goal was achieved.{}

"It can take several months to get back to your normal self.{} The doctors gave me stages of things I can and can't do.{} The staff has been great.{} They keep me on track because I want to coach here for a long time" says Applin.{}

Step one in doing that was taking his physical.{} Now the future looks bright for the Lady Bucs and their truly fearless leader.