Darkness 2 Light awards The Citadel for abuse prevention practices

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Forty-eight different churches and organizations -- including The Citadel -- are being recognized by Darkness 2 Light for being partners in prevention.

"We're seeing the number grow because people realize it isn't just training the one portion of your staff that works with kids, its training everyone because we can all be there to help a child who's suffering from this," said D2L Program Prevention Manager Liz Boeschen.

Boeschen says it's their partners in prevention that go the extra mile after taking their child sexual abuse prevention training and implement policies.

She says one organization is being honored as a distinguished partner in prevention -- The Citadel.

"In light of the horrible incidents we had and we are still living through, we wanted to set the example. Child abuse and protecting children is a huge issue for us and huge issue for the state and America. We want to make sure that all of us understand how important it is and to make our community as safe as can be," says Gen. John Rosa. {}

Rosa says the military academy partnered with Darkness 2 Light in 2006. He says since then they've only expanded their training requirements for school staff, faculty and cadets.

Rosa says it's now a mandate for all involved with the college to finish Darkness 2 Light training.{}

"What the Citadel has done this year has been nothing short of awesome; they took the bull by the horns," said Martha Tumblin, a certifying instructor and facilitator for Darkness 2 Light. {}

Rosa says everyone at the Citadel is now trained and the new knobs will also be trained in child sexual abuse prevention as a part of their continuous training program.

The award ceremony also served as the kickoff to Darkness 2 Light child sexual abuse prevention month.