DD2: Parents can get child's grades sent straight to their phones

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- The next time there's a snow day or any other kind of emergency that could affect your school life, you could get an alert sent straight to your smartphone.

Dorchester School District Two teamed up with ParentLink to develop the app that they hope will provide a direct link from the district to staff, parents and students.

"Our choiceto go mobile goes directly back to our District mission to improve studentperformance," said Superintendent Joseph Pye. "Enabling our parents to connectwith the district in real-time, at their own convenience encourages and enablesparent engagement and involvement. We know this resource will help in terms oftransparency and parent interaction."

Using the app, parents will be able to enter a password to view lunch accounts, attendance records and keep up with their child's progress. Grades will also be available for grades 6 through 12 and parents can be alerted if their child's grades drop below a specified level.

Other appfeatures include:

  • District and school news, allowing the user to selectwhich schools and district news feeds they want to subscribe to
  • Push notifications for the District/School to sendout instant alerts to the user's mobile device
  • Sports scores, schedules, and links to sports sites
  • Calendar information for schools and district events,including the ability to add events from school calendars to the user's onlinecalendar
  • Schools' website
  • A tip line tool for users to provide the Districtwith suggestions, security issues and other important information
  • Links to the District's Facebook & Twitter
  • Superintendent updates with the latest communicationsfrom your District leaders

"We know allparties, students, parents, community and staff, will find great value inthis app," said ParentLink President John Graff. "We are excited to provide theDorchester School District Two community with a mobile resource to makecollaborating with their local school, an enjoyable and easy part of their busyschedules."

    The free app is available on both Apple and Android devices. You can find it by scanning the QR code to the left or by clicking here (Android) or here (Apple).