DD2 bus driver charged with assaulting student

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) - A Dorchester District 2 bus driver was arrested and charged with striking an elementary school{}student.

The charges came after school officials watched a surveillance camera installed on the bus that apparently showed the driver, identified as 59-year-old Fred Rocquemore, strike a student.

According to a police report, a parent called Knightsville Elementary School's principal to complain about a driver assaulting a student on the bus. After the allegation, the principal asked for the surveillance video.

The report states the child raised his arms in defense, trying to deflect the blow.

Officers and Rocquemore were then called to the school. Rocquemore was placed on administrative leave and arrested. The report states Rocquemore waived his rights and said he went to the child's seat and moved the child's book bag to the seat.

He was reportedly "appalled that he was being accused of striking the child."{}Rocquemore became agitated and defensive, according to the report.

The child's parent was called to the school, who said she had been having problems with Rocquemore recently, but was not aware he had allegedly been hitting children. She told deputies she wanted to press charges.

Rocquemore was charged with cruelty to children.