DD2 parents waiting for 'contingency plan' from district

By Ava Wilhite

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- The line to pick up{}students outside Beech Hill Elementary school could get longer if bus drivers decide to strike in Dorchester District 2.

"That means were going to have to drive him to school, which is a huge issue. We live in the neighborhood near Beech Hill so it's not that far of a drive, but traffic wise you are talking 30 minutes," said Jennifer Bartlett, the parent of a Beech Hill{}third grader.

She said they're already on a tight schedule and driving him to school would change everything.

"I don't want to have to wake my child up any earlier than he has to wake up and I don't want to have to fight traffic to get him to school every day," said Bartlett.

Multiple drop offs are a real possibility for Felicia Taylor.

"I have three boys that go to three different schools," said Taylor.

Taylor says she tried to avoid using the bus and ended up spending the whole day driving around in her car.

"It would be more hectic than it already is, sitting in line for like an hour or two at each school it would be kind of bad," said Taylor.

Taylor said she will do what she has to, and understands what the DD2 bus drivers want.

"They have to always make sure the kids behind them are safe not walking around and not hurting each other. So, yeah I think they deserve more pay," said Taylor.

Bartlett said she's waiting for the school district to spell out their options.

"They should be telling us now, so that we could make alternative plans," said Bartlett.

The district said in a statement Thursday afternoon that it is working on contingency plans in the event of a work stoppage, but did not have anything definite in place.

"In order to be proactive, the school district is also developing a contingency plan with several possible options with the goal of preventing disruption of instruction and bus service for our students.{} Safety of our students is always the top priority," the release stated.

On Friday morning, the district posted the following on the ABC News 4 Facebook page:

"Dorchester School District Two has a pool of substitute bus drivers as well as the bus drivers Durham plans on providing IF a strike does take place. Durham is still in negotiations with DD2 drivers .As of now, buses will be running as regularly scheduled. If anything changes, we will let the public know."