Hundreds of dead fish wash up from Mt. Pleasant pond

(Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Residents in the Old Shem neighborhood in Mount Pleasant noticed something fishy going on earlier this week - hundreds of dead fish on the shores of their pond.

And they kept on showing up.

Susie Standafer says about 200 fish lined banks of a lake in her neighborhood and even more floated across the top.

"The stench was unbelievable where I had to put a towel around my face to see the dead fish," she said. "And that's because they had been roasting in the sun."

More began to pile up, and now some in the area are trying to keep vultures out of their yards.

"My concern was no one tested the water to see if it has been contaminated," Standafer said

Priscilla Wendt is a biologist at the Department of Natural Resources. She says DNR did test the water but the results won't be known for a few days."Most often they are attributed to natural events changes in water temperature, which results in low dissolved oxygen," Wendt said.

Wendt says algae blooms could cause oxygen levels in the water to be lower than normal also causing fish to die. She says fish kills can happen at any time of they year and they are not a public health problem.

But some neighbors contend an event like that has not occurred in the area, at least in the past 20 years. Standafer says she's lived in the neighborhood since 1992 and has never seen this happen before.

"The fact that she hadn't seen it before maybe not all that unusual in that they are episodic events the can occur frequently or less frequently depending on the pond," Wendt explained.

DNR has no specific history of the life on the pond and because it's not a state body of water, they will not come out to clean it up. It will be up to the homeowners, who usually can call a lake management company.Depending on your neighborhood, some homeowners associations also cover the cost of removal.