Deadline for other options passes: School of Law moves forward with sale

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston School of Law directors Robert Carr and George Kosko released a joint statement Wednesday updating students on the sale of the school to InfiLaw.The possibility of a sale was announced in July. Since then school officials welcomed other proposals from students who disagreed with the transfer."No one submitted an application wanting to buy the law school. While some people and groups have proposed vague alternative proposals, no one has come forward saying, 'We want to buy the law school, and here are our plans to run it,' the statement read. "InfiLaw has signed a contract to buy the law school and we will now be moving ahead to close the transaction with InfiLaw, which has filed an application seeking approval of the transfer with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE)."A hearing was held for InfiLaw representatives to speak to faculty and students after the initial announcement. One state lawmaker even proposed that the private Charleston School of Law merge with the College of Charleston.

"Some suggested that we engage with the College of Charleston, an activity which not only would threaten the validity of the school's license, but also would reflect bad faith on the part of the school in its dealings with the CHE and the State of South Carolina," the statement read. "And, while the College of Charleston did request an application, the College did not submit one."According to Carr, the decision has been a long time coming; it was not a hastily made decision, he said. He said the school considered several other options, including becoming a nonprofit and weighed sales to other public and private institutions. "In our view, this is the best and only viable option to secure the future of Charleston School of Law for generations to come," the joint statement read. "InfiLaw brings resources which are not currently available to improve our infrastructure and our programs."The Naples, Fla.,-based company has schools based in Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Charlotte.According to the joint statement, several Charleston School of Law students have visited the other InfiLaw schools to talk to students and faculty. The statement did not, however, say what those students thought of their soon-to-be sister schools.The transfer still has to be approved by the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education and the American Bar Association. A decision is expected early next year for the CHE and next summer for the ABA.