Death at doggie day care leads to calls for change

8-year-old poodle "Mouffie" died last week.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}A Mount Pleasant woman says her dog's lifeless body was handed to her wrapped in a towel after a day at doggie day care. Now the day care and the woman are trying to find answers as to what happened to the dog. Margaret Ann Morris and her dog Mouffie had been best friends for the past eight years."Mouffie was an adorable fluff. She was so special and she had so much personality," Morris said.Morris said she dropped her 6-pound poodle off at My Three Dogs doggie day care on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard in Mount Pleasant last Tuesday. Later that day, Morris said she got a phone call from the day care saying her dog had been bit by another dog."The bite wasn't bad. I don't think the dog attacked my dog. I think my dog is 6-pounds, it was tiny -- any type of bite would be startling for her," Morris said.By the time Morris got to the day care to pick up her dog -- Mouffie was unresponsive."She was dead, she was lifeless when they handed her to me," Morris said.In a statement, the daycare My Three Dogs gives an account of what happened. "First and foremost it is truly unfortunate that Mouffie is gone and our hearts and condolences go out to the owner.{} We appreciate that the pets we are given the privileged to care for are family members of their owners and we always strive to treat them as such," the statement reads.Day care management said Mouffie appeared to have a seizure and started convulsing which led another dog to bite her. Morris said her dog does not have a history of seizures and believes her dog lost its breath after being bit by another dog. Morris said based on the account the day care gave her, no one at My Three Dogs attempted pet CPR on Mouffie that day."I didn't think to say if she is not breathing enough to say do CPR," Morris said.My Three Dogs said in a statement that they called the dog owner after the bite, and even offered repeatedly to take Mouffie to the emergency vet. They said that request was denied. Morris said that the day care did call her to inform her of the incident but did not explain the severity of the situation or offer to take Mouffie to the emergency vet."We called the owner three times within an extremely short period of time to request permission to transport Mouffie to the emergency vet. Each time we were denied permission," the statement reads.{}It goes on to say that the other dog involved in the incident is gentle and has been attending the day care for years. "The other dog had also been playing with Mouffie all day until the seizure," the statement reads.My Three Dogs says it has requested Mouffie's records from the emergency vet as well as records from Morris on Mouffie's health in the hopes of getting all of the information about what may have happened."We would kindly ask that all concerned not jump to conclusions and to consider all the facts once we have them including any relevant medical records relating to Mouffie," the company said.Morris said she is now on a mission to make sure this doesn't happen again. She started a petition on calling for state regulation to make it a requirement for dog care center staffers to all be certified in pet CPR."To lose a pet is hard. To lose a pet in a tragic incident is harder and to have someone thrust my dog with me in a parking lot in a towel is just too much," Morris said.You can find Morris' petition, by clicking here.