Defense attorney talks about guilty plea in toddler's murder

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - It's been nearly 2 years since police found 2-year-old Rodricus Williams' body stuffed in a trash can under a block of cement. Now, Grace Trotman, the boy's father's girlfriend, has pled guilty to his homicide by child abuse and neglect, and desecration of human remains.

"It's a very traumatic period both for her and everybody involved. This has been a tragedy all the way around," said Keith Bolus, Trotman's defense attorney.

On July 6th, 2010, Rodricus was reported missing along the battery. The report prompted a city-wide search for the toddler. The next day, police say Trotman led them to Rodricus' body.

Trotman along with Roger Williams, the toddler's father, were arrested and charged with homicide.

"She has been in cooperation with the authorities in this matter. And they, they are trying to get the case resolved. So, they wanted her case out of the way first, so, she's been cooperating in that matter," said Bolus.

Bolus says the case has been painful for Trotman and her family, too.

"They are very concerned -- not only for her, Grace, but, for the victim's family. Their heart goes out for them as well," said Bolus.

In pleading guilty, Trotman has agreed to fully disclose what she knows about the boy's death. The information can be used in her boyfriend, Roger Williams' case.

Trotman faces up 20 years in prison.

"But of course, it's up to the judge to sentence her to whatever sentencing he thinks is appropriate for the case," Bolus said.

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