Deluge brings down ceiling at Teachers' Supply Closet

(Provided photo of the Teachers' Supply Closet pre-rain)

By: Amy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Tuesday's heavy and relentless rain proved too much for the Teacher's Supply Closet in West Ashley. The organization, which provides free school supplies to teachers, suffered a "major blow" according to Chief Operating Officer Deborah Halon.

According to Halon, the building has a flat roof which often collects water and leak. Tuesday's rain caused ceiling tiles to fall and affect electrical wires. Despite buckets and tarps placed around the room to help protect the supplies, by afternoon they were being ruined.

"It truly is just a disaster," Halon said.

Teachers' Supply Closet (TSC) is a non-profit organization that provides free school supplies to teachers in the Tri-County area. Teachers qualify is they work at schools where 88 percent of the students are on a free or reduced lunch program.

Halon said the closet received tremendous community support during this back to school season. Teachers were to begin "shopping" for supplies for their classrooms and students on September 24 but Halon does not expect that will happen.

From 2008-2001 TSC was visited 1,159 times by teachers and estimated that it served more than 23,000 students. It distributed $600,000 in merchandise.