Dept. of Revenue lacked state-provided cyber security during security breach

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - 180 local and state agencies used a cyber security system provided by the state, but the Department of Revenue did not when a foreign hacker stole the personal information of millions of South Carolinians.

According to information from the South Carolina Budget and Control Board Division of State Information Technology provided to Senator Vincent Sheheen, the service monitors network traffic and alerts agencies of any unusual activity.

Governor Nikki Haley announced Friday, October 26th that European hackers gained access to tax records from the Department of Revenue, dating back to 1998. Credit card and social security information for 3.6 million people were{}compromised.

The state waited more than two weeks before going public with the security breach.

According to the Budget and Control Board Division on State Information Technology, full computer network monitoring was instituted at the SCDOR on October 20th after the massive security breach already occurred.