Murder-suicide suspected in Dorchester deaths, coroner says

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Deputies making a welfare check on two people at a Dorchester County home found two bodies Monday evening. According to a statement from Dorchester County, officials went to the Dorchester Manor Boulevard home around 6 p.m. Monday as part of a welfare check.{}

Inside the home they found two bodies.

Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet identified the man and woman early Tuesday morning as 32-year-old{}Du Xuan Dao and{}27-year-old Mong Thuy Thi Doan. Both had a single gunshot wound to the head, Nisbet said.

Nisbet estimated the pair had been dead since Christmas day.

As the investigation continues, neighbors say they're upset, and they want to know what happened.

"It totally blows everyone away in the neighborhood. It's kind of a shock to the community," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

He lives next door to where sheriff's deputies made the discovery. The couple's neighbor thought something was wrong when their BMW stayed parked.

"I know it moves. It was going in and out.{} But hadn't seen any type of movement. Hadn't seen her. I had a gut feeling something was wrong, but I couldn't say anything about it. So I told the deputy do what you can," said the unnamed neighbor.

Ottie Plum lives two doors away. She says she heard something Christmas morning while sitting in her kitchen.

"We thought it was firecrackers. If we would have known it was guns, I would have called the cops. Really. I would have called them if I had known. But I didn't know it was guns," said Plum.

Neighbors say the couple recently moved to the duplex and kept to themselves.{} Still, Monday night's discovery is disturbing for them.

"It's crazy because this is a quiet neighborhood," said neighbor{}Ryan Middleton. "People really keep to themselves around here, so to find out two people are dead over there wow."

Others said they did not know anything was wrong at the house until they saw the deputies pull up.

For now, sheriff's deputies will rely on information from the couple's neighbors and family members as they try to solve this holiday tragedy.