Deputies: Looters broke into homes during ice storm

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) -{}Colleton County authorities say nearly a dozen homes were broken into during the most recent winter storm. Most homes were left empty and cold as their owners tried to keep warm elsewhere.

That's the problem Elias Murray found when he returned to his home this week. Many afternoons, you can find Murray sitting on his porch reading the newspaper.

"Today is my 79th birthday," said Murray Tuesday as he enjoyed temperatures in the 70s for the first time in at least a week.

Murray, a stroke survivor, says when freezing rain turned into ice last Wednesday and cut off his electricity, he and son went in search of a hotel.

"We called in Walterboro and he couldn't find no openings," Murray said. "His friend called Charleston and they didn't have too much openings. So, we went down to Point South."

Murray says he spent two nights in a hotel and when he returned home found his home broken into.

"They took my wide screen TV, my rifle and two blankets I had bought for my new bed board. And they took a little thing with some change in it," said Murray.

Murray says the burglars used a crow bar to break in and left it in one of his bedrooms.

When a reporter asked how he felt when he found out his home had been broken into, Murray responded, "Bad. It's really bad."

Murray says for his birthday he hopes his items are returned or replaced.

"I think they should get caught and go to jail. Somebody should pay for what they doing," he said.

In all, Colleton County deputies say eight similar burglaries were reported during the storm.

So far, deputies have not made any arrests in these cases.

If you have information in these cases, you can make an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers at 554-11-11.{}

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