Designers set goal to give back 20% of their profits

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Charleston based children's fashion line is giving the trademark 'Made in America' a new home on King Street.

"Everything is U.S. made. Our fabrics are made in the U.S., our production is U.S. based, we produce everything in North Carolina in a small town that is trying to bring back the textile industry," said Neve/Hawk Creator Kris Galmarini.

The children's clothing line is the idea of a husband and wife team of Kris and Bob Galmarini. The duo is attempting to do more with their line than just dressing children fashionably.{}

"Nation wide, art programs are one of the first things to get cut.{} It's really important for us to give back. So, we do give a portion of our profits back to keeping arts in public schools," said Galmarini.

Bob Galmarini says it was art classes in public schools that helped shape him and his wife to become designers. He says they have set a long term goal to give 20 percent of their profits back to the arts. The Neve/Hawk line named for their children will be the first children's clothing line to return to the Worthwhile store.

"It was nice to support a local business and launch the line here," said Store owner Robben Richards.

Richards says she spotted the line during Charleston Fashion week and thought the line might be a good fit for her store.

"It creates a larger sense of community, it keeps all of our local dollars back into our local community. I think that's important for all businesses," said Richards.

The Galmarini's will continue selling their clothes online, while they begin to grow a customer base on King.