Desk on top, elliptical on the bottom: Motion learning takes off in CCSD

By Stacy

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A unique classroom set up to inspire movement-based learning has kids pedaling during class in Mount Pleasant.

The science and math classroom at Pinckney Elementary School has about 30 desks with bikes, ellipticals, pogo sticks and other bases below the surface.

Stacey Shoecraft is the fourth and fifth grade teacher who runs the classroom. She pushed for support in 2013 and got students and parents on board, she said. They installed the $30,000 classroom in April 2013.

It is the only one in Charleston County, officials said.

"The kids are more focused. But as far as the environment, they're on task but happier too," Shoecraft said.

Getting the kids moving isn't just about exercise. Pinckney educators said it also helped students learn.

"It enhances their ability to learn and have better behaviors because [movement] changes the brain," Charleston County health education coordinator David Spurlock said.

"It helps me concentrate because I can never sit still," said 10-year-old student Jaeden Profit.

Lowcountry company KidsFit makes the classroom equipment.

Educators said it also helped limit discipline issues.

"'Sit still. Don't move your feet! Keep your hands up here where I can see them!' All of this takes care of that and it enhances the learning procedure," Spurlock said.

Shoecraft said she teaches the kids that their movement in the classroom will peddle a new movement, nationwide.

CCSD officials say they do not offer or push the classroom on any school. If parents or teachers want it, they should contact district officials.