Detective: Daughter told family 'daddy killed mommy'

Chesley Black arrives at court on Thursday. (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)On Thursday morning, Chesley Black, 29, appeared before a judge during a preliminary hearing.{} He's charged with the murder of his wife, 25-year-old Amanda Black.

According to investigators, during a taped audio recording, Chesley Black confessed to his wife's murder that occurred in early September of this year. The murder took place at the couple's West Ashley home on Fife Lane.

"Him and the victim were involved in a domestic disturbance that got heated over financial purposes," said Detective Mitchell Wilson during the court hearing.{} "Some time in that altercation, a knife was produced and Mr. Black stated that he stabbed his wife in the neck, causing fatal injuries."

The couple was together for five years.

Amanda's uncle, Don Gresh, says the couple had two daughters--a four-year-old and two-year-old.

"I knew he was bad news and we were never really happy that she was associated with him, but I believe Amanda loved him and wanted a family life," Gresh said.{} "She was a very happy good mother. She loved her children."

In court, Detective Wilson said Chesley dropped the couple's four-year-old daughter off at a family member's house in St. George. That's when they say the little girl told family members about her mom's brutal murder.

"The child made statements that 'daddy killed mommy and put her in the bathroom,' " Wilson said.

Detectives with Charleston County eventually located Chesley in Sumter County where he was questioned.

"He had some scratches to his chest.{} He had marks on his face near his lip.{} He had scratches on his hand," Wilson said.

During a welfare check, deputies found Amanda's lifeless body in the couple's home.

"They found the deceased Ms. Amanda Black in the downstairs bathroom," Wilson said.

While Chesley showed little emotion in court, the victim's loved ones said they have faith justice will pull through for a woman loved by many.

"The world has lost a very, very special person," Gresh said.

During the preliminary hearing, the judge ruled there was substantial evidence to send the case to trial.

Amanda's two children are now in the custody of her aunt and uncle, Don and Joyce Gresh.{} Both are doing well, they say, but currently seeking counseling.

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