DHEC: Dozens in SC infected with tuberculosis

By MEG KINNARDAssociated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - State health officials say dozens of people have been infected as part of a tuberculosis outbreak centered at a South Carolina school.

Department of Health and Environmental Control director Catherine Templeton said during a news conference Tuesday in Greenwood that 58 people at Ninety Six Primary School have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis. That means they are carrying the bacteria but aren't sickened by it.

Of those 58, Templeton says eight students currently have the disease but aren't contagious.

DHEC says the original person who was infected was a school employee and hasn't cooperated with investigators. Templeton says the person is quarantined at home until he or she is no longer infectious.

Templeton says DHEC first learned of the situation in March and has been investigating since.


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