DHEC issues warning for dams in path of TS Andrea

File photo (MGN)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Department of Health and Environmental Control issued a warning Thursday for owners and operators of dams located in the path of Tropical Storm Andrea.

"Owners who have the ability to lower their reservoir's water level should safely do so to provide additional storage for the anticipated rainfall," said John Poole with DHEC's dam safety program. "If there is a dam downstream of your dam and you are lowering your water level, please contact the owners of the downstream dam and advise of your actions. Before and after the storm has passed, any accumulated trash and debris should be cleared from spillways."

Officials with DHEC warn that heavy rain can cause problems over the next several days.

"Dam owners should monitor the conditions at their dams during events that can produce large floods," Poole said. "If problems prompt potential failure of the dam, or if failure is imminent, the owner or operator of the dam should contact the downstream property owners and local public safety officials."

An Internet search found over 1930 dams in the state including 101 in Orangeburg, 10 in Georgetown and 10 in Colleton counties.The following dams are located in the tri-county area:Charleston County

  • Kiawah Island Bass Pond D-3047 Dam (Kiawah)
  • South Carolina Noname 10006 D-3043 Dam (Rockville)
  • South Carolina Noname 10010 Dam (Stallsville)
  • South Carolina Noname 10033 D-1740 Dam (Fort Moultrie)
  • South Carolina Noname 10034 D-3045 Dam (Fort Moultrie)
  • South Carolina Noname 10063 D-3044 Dam (Adams Run)

Dorchester County

  • Herndons Pond Dam D-2551 - (Harleyville)
  • Huttos Lake Dam D-2550{} (Harleyville)
  • Lake Ashborough Dam D-2553 (Stallsville)
  • Lake Carie Yelleau Dam D-2552 (Summerville)
  • Middleton Lake Dam D-2559 (Rockville)
  • Railroad Pond Dam D-2548 (Harleyville)
  • Rumphs Pond Dam D-2549 (Canadys)
  • SCE and G Ash Pond Dam D-2555 (Canadys)

Berkeley County

  • Army Depot Pond Dam D-3475 - Berkeley Co. (North Charleston)
  • Back Dam - (Bethera)
  • Jefferies Dam (Bonneau)
  • Lake Legendre Dam D-3478 (Kittredge)
  • Legendre Headquarters Pond Dam D-3476 (Kittredge)
  • Little Hellhole Dam (Bethera)
  • Ned Dam (Bethera)
  • Pinopolis Dam (Cordesville)
  • Poplar Dam (Bethera)
  • Reeves Telecom Pond Number One Dam D-3479 (Kittredge)
  • Santee Dam (Eadytown)
  • Turpentine Dam (Huger)
  • South Carolina Noname 08001 D-3473 Dam (Huger)
  • South Carolina Noname 08013 D-3470 Dam Berkeley (Kittredge)
  • South Carolina Noname 08015 Dam (Kittredge)
  • South Carolina Noname 08016 D-3466 Dam (Moncks Corner)
  • South Carolina Noname 08019 D-3467 Dam (Harleyville)
  • South Carolina Noname 08021 D-3463 Dam (Pringletown)
  • South Carolina Noname 08024 D-3471 Dam (Kittredge)
  • South Carolina Noname 08025 D-3472 Dam (Huger)
  • South Carolina Noname 08027 D-3464 Dam (Pringletown)
  • South Carolina Noname 08032 D-3468 Dam (Mount Holly)
  • South Carolina Noname 08033 D-3474 Dam (Mount Holly)
  • South Carolina Noname 08041 D-0037 Dam (Mount Holly)
  • South Carolina Noname 08042 D-3469 Dam (Mount Holly)
  • South Carolina Noname 08045 D-3465 Dam (Summerville NW)
  • South Carolina Noname 08046 D-3477 Dam (Mount Holly)

Jim Beasley with DHEC said there are actually over 2500 dams in the state, used for crops and livestock in agricultural and industrial areas.

Beasley said many are just earthen walls that support water that you probably wouldn't think of as a dam.

He also said that dam owners know who they are and what their structures can withstand. He encourages all dam owners to keep an eye on their spillways and water levels as Andrea hits the area.