Did the police do anything wrong?

Torgusen (Provided)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- As of 7 a.m. Thursday, the video had more than 5,000 views and had stirred discussion with more than 40 comments on the YouTube discussion thread.

According to the person who posted the video, it shows an arrest that took place on Sunday, April 15 on Folly Beach.

In the video, pleas for explanation of the arrest can be heard from the suspect as well as several witnesses gathered around the scene on the beach. According to a report provided by the Folly Beach Police Department, two arrests were made as a part of the incident.

According to the report, officers with the police department were dispatched to the beach area near 1 Center St. after receiving reports of three men behaving disorderly -- cursing, screaming, disturbing others.

Upon arrival, officers say they found three men cursing and screaming in a restroom near the beach. As one of the responding officers spoke to the three men, one of them, according to the report, failed to follow instructions and according to the officer, behaved in a threatening manner. According to the report, the man, identified as Erik Torgusen of Line Street in Charleston, stuck out his chest and rolled his shoulders.

"The suspect stated 'who is the supervisor on duty.' I replied me, and he proceeded to say 'I will deal with you' and became disorderly again," officer Ryland Reed wrote in the report.

Reed said he advised the man he would be getting a citation for disorderly behavior. After the man reportedly refused to give the officer basic information{} -- name, address, date of birth, he was informed he would be arrested.

At that point, things became physical as officer Reed attempted to handcuff the man, who reportedly attempted to pull away and turn towards the officer.

Reed said he struck the man in the abdominal area with his knee.

According to the report, as Torgusen continued to resist and reportedly refused to get on the ground, Reed hit him with an elbow. Once on the ground, according to the report, the man refused to give the officer his other arm. Reed said he warned Torgusen he would soon use pepper spray. As the man continued to refuse to give up his arm, according to Reed, pepper spray was "properly deployed to they eye and brow area of the suspect."

Reed said as he continued to struggle with the man, another man interfered with the arrest. He said the second man placed a video camera in his face several times -- an action the officer said presented a safety issue.

The man with the camera, identified as Brett Ricker of Lakefront Drive in Charleston, reportedly began to fight with a county deputy called to assist and was then tased, according to Reed's report.

Both men, 28-year-old Brett Ricker and 31-year-old Erik Torgusen, were taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and hindering a law enforcement officer.

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