Dimension U competition takes students on math-based mission

By Ava

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Students from Berkeley and Dorchester counties spent the day on a virtual battlefield.

Glued to their screens, sixth, seventh and eighth graders were battling for a high score for a team some spend their entire lives wanting to join, the Department of Defense.

"It's kind of like a first person shooter game, kind of like Call of Duty but it's kind of a PC version. There's different types of gaming ways but most of them just involve algebra and have to deal with answering algebra questions," said 8th grader Breanna Deese.

She says she's in it for the competition. The Department of Defense's Math Games asks students in several states to compete as military teams playing for a high score.

"I've always been really good at computer games and I've always favored them, like all the mind crafts and stuff and algebra. I've always been really good at that, it's just one of those things that was like meant to be," said Deese. {}

The gaming competition is hosted by Dimension U and is supported by SPAWAR STEM outreach education programs. The company creates game worlds, which allow students to practice and prove their math and literacy skills.

"By doing it through a video game context it opens the door for an academic competition to be available to all students, not just students who are typically students who are a part of an academic bowl," said Steve Hoy, Dimension U's CEO. {}

Hoy says it also creates an environment where students are continuously competing just like adults in the real world.

"It's a continual process where they are challenged they want to learn more and they are constantly engages in that environment and so were seeing that demonstrated here," said Hoy.

Representatives for the STEM outreach programs say their goal is to meet students where they are, and a lot of them are in the gaming world.{}