Disgruntled employees make trouble at 2 downtown restaurants

Desarea Ochelle Jackson (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston Police were called to two different downtown restaurants after former employees took their frustrations out on their bosses.

The first incident happened April 28 when police were called out to King Street Grille for reports of threats being made against an employee there.

According to the police report, the assistant manager said he had gotten into an argument with an employee who grabbed a butcher knife, held it to the manager's face and said "I don't get paid enough at this job to put up with this. I'm going home to get my gun and I'll be back."

Witnesses say the employee then threw down the knife and ran out the back door.

A week later, the manager called the cops. The report said he waited that long because of "pending family issues."

Shyrome Jaquane Johnson was arrested Wednesday and charged with Intimidation. He was given a $470 bond on Thursday

The second incident happened Thursday evening at Fleet Landing on Concord Street.

According to the incident report, an angry former employee punched out the front window of the business, causing about $1000 in damage.

Police say they arrived to find the disgruntled former employee "on the ground kicking and screaming."

The manager and another employee were holding her down so she couldn't hurt anyone or cause any more damage to the restaurant.

Police had to place the 20-year-old woman in handcuffs and leg restraints, while she resisted and screamed obscenities at her former employer. She also threatened to have "her people come for the manager" and the responding officer when she got out of jail.

The report says she wouldn't stop kicking or screaming and had to be carried out by her arms and legs to the patrol car.

Desarea Ochelle Jackson is charged with Damage to Real Property, Resisting Arrest and Public Disorderly Conduct.