District pushes back plans to re-zone schools

By Ava

CHARLESTON , S.C. (WCIV) -- Over the cheers and the crunching of pads, the discussion over re-zoning schools continues.

"It would have been a big switch, because it's quite a drive from our house considering we're near the old Wando High School right now," says concerned parent Jill Armitage.

According to representatives from Moultrie District 2, their schools are battling over-crowding in several of the elementary and middle schools. Armitage says her son would have been forced to switch from Cario to Laing. After a large community response, the district is delaying their plans.

"It just gives people the chance to digest it a little bit, and think about it and take some other points of view and see what the best decision is," said Armitage.{}

The district planned to have re-zoning implemented by the next school year.{} the district released this statement Friday:

"Our intent is to have rezoning maps defined on or before June 1, 2013 and to implement these changes for the 2014-2015 school year. The Constituent Board appreciates the community involvement through the survey participation, emails, and the many comments we have received. We look forward to developing a plan that will work for all District 2 constituents."

"It was definitely a hot topic in my neighborhood and a lot of people were concerned about it," says Armitage.

Including parents like Julie Hendrix, who picked her neighborhood based on the elementary school lines.{}

"We really like the school and it just seems kind of unfair to just throw this one on us right as we moved here," says Hendrix.{}

Hendrix moved her family from North Carolina and would consider moving again if they were forced to leave Belle Hall.

"We just have to re-game everything and we might even have to move again," says Hendrix.{}

According to the district, the next meeting to continue re-zoning talks will be scheduled sometime for the near future.