DockDogs crowd favorite at SEWE

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A crowd favorite every year at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition involves toys, giant pools and wet dogs.

DockDogs is an event that tests a dog's long jump and speed.

Owners toss a toy into the pool and the dog jumps in after it.

The only rule is owners cannot push the dogs into the water.

Event organizers said it's clear the dogs are only after one thing - the toys.

"They just want a toy. You just see them get excited whenever they see the toy out," said Russell Ryder, the event manager. "They're willing to do anything to get that toy."

Organizers host DockDog competitions all over the world.

People from North Carolina, Georgia and Florida came to the Lowcountry this weekend to compete.

The world championship is held each year in November.