Doctors say father's story doesn't add up, infant was abused

By Ava

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) A father is accused of causing serious brain injuries to a 2-month-old child. He says it was an accident, but doctors at a local hospital say it appears otherwise.

Doctors at Medical University Hospital said the injuries suffered by a 2-month-old baby are not consistent with the story the baby's father gave to police.

Police said the baby's father, 29-year-old Damonte Seabrook, reportedly dropped the baby after giving him a bath. According to a report, the child slipped from his hands and hit the floor.

Seabrook is charged with infliction of great bodily injury upon a child. His bond was set at a $500,000.

In the released 911 calls, Seabrook can be heard screaming for the baby to wake up. Another person in the apartment begins talking to the operator.

Caller: "Monte stop, he's breathing, he's breathing, I'm feeling a heartbeat. I feel a heartbeat."

Operator : "You feel a heartbeat, keep his airway open. Okay?"

The caller identifies himself as the victim's brother, who said at first the baby was unresponsive. Then he started to breathe again.

Caller: "Like not, like not really normally, look like he, he like he trying to catch..."

Operator: "Okay, he's trying to catch his breath? Okay."

According to the affidavit obtained in court Thursday, Seabrook told police he was bathing his infant, when the baby started to cough. Seabrook said he picked up the baby and began bouncing him to stop the coughing.

As he bounced the boy, he said the baby slipped through his hands and fell on the kitchen floor.

The victim's mother said she would not discuss the injuries to her baby, but there was reason to ask for a high bond.

"Do I believe it was an accident? No," said the victim's mother, Courtney Washington.

Doctors at MUSC say the baby suffered from abusive head trauma, a skull fracture, and bruising to his shoulders and thighs, caused by grabbing.

The baby remains on a ventilator.

The judge said Seabrook has a criminal history of violence, including aggravated assault and battery and domestic violence.