Citadel documents about ReVille investigation reveal details

Louis "Skip" ReVille

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Within hundreds of pages lay claims of a dark secret buried at The Citadel for nearly four years. At the heart of it is Louis "Skip" ReVille, a former cadet and the senior summer camp counselor during the early 2000s.

He was well liked by his peers, according to the documents released by The Citadel.

But in 2007, a former camper broke his silence and described his encounters with ReVille in a nearly 200 page transcript of an interview conducted on July 1, 2007 by The Citadel's general counsel Mark Brandenburg.

"Him and a few other kids used to go to room to hang out," the camper stated. "And I guess he used to buy them Chinese food...then one night, I guess he pulled out a pornographic video and put it in."

The former camper goes on to describe alleged sexual activity that happened in the room, though he says ReVille didn't touch any of the kids.

"He encouraged everyone in the room to join him," he told Brandenburg.

The former camper says ReVille made an agreement with the kids to keep buying them food and give them privileges "if they continued to come to his room."

He goes on to describe a sleep over in ReVille's room where he "got a little aggressive. " He called it a horrible experience and said it only happened to him once. The camper also describes how his life took a turn following the alleged acts with his use of alcohol and drugs.

It's one piece of the puzzle in The Citadel's delve into what happened in 2002. The investigator's notes, scribbled almost illegibly, portray other interviews, notes that include "Skip would shower with campers."

The documents also included a note that says ReVille was let go from Pinewood Prep. The 32-year-old was an English teacher at the school from 2002 to 2006. When asked for details about the nature of ReVille's departure from the school, school officials sent us the original statement sent following ReVille's arrest which only states the time period he worked at the school and that school officials conducted a background check which came back clean.

Also, in the wake of the accusations in 2007, were promises from the college to the camper -- $20,000 and money for his admission into The Citadel. It also includes an e-mail from general counsel Brandenburg to Citadel officials about their liability for a possible civil suit.

"Fortunately, since we now have a transcript of my interview with the camper, we have an unequivocal trigger of the statute of limitations," the e-mail states.

Lt. Gen. Rosa says they will bring an independent firm to evaluate the school's policies and procedures.

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