Dog attack victim says she won't return home

By Lia

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - Danielle Green says it's not only the debilitating wounds to her arm that are causing her agonizing pain, but her memory that has become scarred from a recent dog attack.

"I'm full of fear for my life to even go home right now," Green said.

The 38-year-old woman was released from Roper St. Francis hospital on Monday afternoon, after a several night stay where she was treated for her injuries.

The attack occurred early Friday morning on Traywick Avenue when she was on her way home from her friend's house, Jimmy Dean, who lived on that street. She said she had just past the home where the pit-bull belonged, and from the opposite side of the street, the dog came darting at her from the woods.

"He knocked me to the ground and grabbed my arm and started ripping it," she said.

Green says she screamed for help and that's when Dean came to her aide.

"All I could think of to do was start hitting the dog in the back of the head and try to pull him off but he stayed latched on," he said.

Green said she felt she was losing consciousness while she tried to put up a fight against the dog named Woody who was{}attempting to drag her. She ultimately suffered 37 lacerations to her arm and deep claw marks to her chest.

"He was able to twist my body around on my stomach and he started pulling me to his yard like dragging me," she said. "I felt death. I mean I had a funny taste in my mouth the nausea in my stomach. I felt like I was dying."

According to Major Jim Brady with Charleston County Sheriff's Office, this is an ongoing investigation. He said the dog was to have broke his chain in the woods.

He said the dog was quarantined to the owner's home for ten days during this time.

Green, who won't return home with her father on an adjacent street, says the dog should have been apprehended. She fears going back not only for her safety but the children of the neighborhood.

Dean agrees.

"I think the only thing that stopped it was me pulling the dog back and if she was alone I think she wouldn't have made it," he said.

Green's father, Danny Emery, remains devastated about his daughter's attack.

"She was in real bad shape and I was scared," he said. "I just wanted to get that dog myself for what he did to her."

Green does not have insurance and recently started a job at a local marina. Now she said she will be out of work for a period of{}time while she rehabilitates the movement in her arm and hand.

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