'Bark Park' opens on Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV)-- There's a new place to take your pup on Folly Beach.

The "Bark Park" opened at noon on Thursday. It is located at 513 East Hudson Ave, right next to the water tower facility.

"The more the dogs are socialized, the friendlier they are, the less intimidated they are," said Folly Beach resident Sharon Hally. "I think you find sometimes the more aggressive dogs are the ones that are on the leash and they're aggressive because they are on the leash and they can't play with the other ones. So I think this is a very positive thing for Folly."

The park is open to all dogs registered with the City of Folly Beach. To register, just go here and fill out the pet application.

The new park is funded by the Charleston County Greenbelt Project.