Dog rescued from canal had legs, muzzle taped together

Pictured above is Darra, the dog rescued from the canal. (Natalie Caula/WCIV)

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- A couple of fishermen were setting up for a quiet night on the bridge on Brick Chimney Road Monday when they heard splashing coming from the water below.According to the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office, the fishermen found a black lab in the water with duct tape around the dog's front and back legs and muzzle. They said the dog was "flopping around" in the water.The Georgetown Fire Department responded to help get the dog out of the water. The report says "The first truck that arrived used a ladder and put it into the water. The fireman went down the ladder and attempted to get control of the dog. The dog struggled and got away from him and went under the bridge."They found the dog on the other side of the bridge where they finally were able to grab her and cut the tape.The Georgetown Times is reporting the dog was shot and the injury was on its head, but the police report makes no mention of a gunshot wound. They newspaper later reported it appeared the dog had been hit with a blunt object on her head.The dog was sent to an animal shelter for treatment and the duct tape is being processed for fingerprints.Responding deputies spoke to people on the bridge, but no one saw anyone in the area with a dog. It is unknown how long the dog was in the water.If you know anything about the case of animal cruelty, you are asked to call the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office at 843-546-5102.

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