Domino's driver delivers possible life-saving act of kindness

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It seems compassion is on the menu at the Domino's in downtown Charleston. That's where a selfless driver may have saved a man's life.

He's not one to brag, but Thomas Person really may have saved a man's life Wednesday night. It was just before midnight and most of Charleston's streets were abandoned.

Then he saw a man in need.

"I've really not run into this before, but you always want to be a good citizen and do what you can and obviously this called for action," said Person.

Person has been delivering pizzas for Domino's for nearly five years. He says it's the best job he's ever had, but he never thought serving up fresh pizza to hungry patrons would lead to an opportunity to save a life.

Person was on a usual route down Market Street delivering pizzas well into the night when he saw something in the road.

"I realized he couldn't get up and I wasn't going to be able to get him up myself," Person said.

In all of Wednesday night's rain, it was hard to tell that there was a 69-year-old man in dark clothing lying on the pavement.

"I parked my car in a way to block traffic. At that point, I noticed he'd probably fallen over. He had an umbrella that was inverted; I thought the wind may have caught him and pulled him over," he said.

The man was just steps from his home, but with no one around to help he was isolated and unable to get help.

"So I retrieved his umbrella, covered him because it was cold and rainy last night for the whole night and called 911 to wait for emergency vehicles to come and assist him," Person said.

"I just kept encouraging him that help was on the way and he just seemed very grateful that I was there for him. I made sure he was breathing, I saw he was communicating, talking, and there was no blood."

"I'm just really proud of him. I feel like a proud mom," said Kerry Saunders, who owns the Domino's where Person works.

She says if she had a dozen more employees like Person, she would be thrilled.

"You can't teach somebody those things, that's just his nature so we're very proud of him today," she said.

Person was back on the job Thursday, a day after his delivery of a random act of kindness.

Person says he doesn't know the name of the man he saved, but he does know the man is OK and safely at home.

Paramedics checked the man for any medical issues before they took him home.