Donate flip-flops to help a wounded soldiers

      By Lia

      MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) -- Brand new rubber flip-flops are stacked in Brenda Frye's family room, where she has boxes ready to pack them up and so she can ship them. Her home has officially turned into "Operation Flip-Flops" to help wounded warriors.

      Her daughter, Georgina Walton Floyd, is an Air Force Medical Technician currently deployed in Bagram, Afghanistan. She called her mom a few weeks ago to tell her the desperate need hospitalized soldiers have for flip-flops.

      "She asked for her next care package if we could possibly mail lots of flip flops. I thought it was a strange request, so I asked her why did she need flip-flops. She explained the soldiers that she cares for in the ER in the combat hospital in Afghanistan don't have flip-flips," Frye said.

      Georgina told her the wounded soldiers receive care packages with other necessities, but shower shoes or flip-flops are missing.

      "Her patients walk around the hospital barefoot or mixed-matched flip-flops, or too big too small or whatever they can find on-hand."

      Her daughter's request has gone viral online, with word spreading beyond the Lowcountry. Frye said she is receiving phone calls from as far as California, and many businesses have also opted to donate or have a dropoff site.

      "It's become a full-time job. I'm up until two or three in the morning," she said.

      She has launched a Facebook fan page, where as of Friday she had more than 300 likes. She said the mission won't be complete until every wounded soldier has flip-flops.

      "We're going to start sending them to all the combat base hospitals in Afghanistan," she said.

      If you would like to help you can contact Brenda Frye at 843-864-6423. You can also make a monetary donation on PayPal.

      You can also donate at the following locations:{}

      *Broad Street Printing

      9730 Dorchester Rd Suite 9

      North Charleston, Sc

      *Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union

      309 Goose Creek Blvd.

      Goose Creek, Sc

      *Blackbeard Cove Family Fun Center

      3255 N. Hwy 17

      Mt. Pleasant, SC

      *Bonneau Pentecostle Church

      153 murray Ferry Rd

      Bonneau, SC

      *Agent Ownerd Realty

      141 North Main St.

      Summerville, SC

      *American Legion

      116 Howe Hall Rd.

      Goose Creek, Sc

      *Cordsville First Baptist

      1913 Hwy. 402

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *Curves of Goose Creek

      205 N. Goose Creek Blvd

      Goose Creek, SC

      *Chucktown Tavern

      159 Market Street

      Charleston, SC

      *Crafts plus

      203 E. Main St.

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *CSL Plasma

      3725 Rivers Ave Suite 7

      North Charleston, SC

      *College of Charleston Public Safety

      81 B St. Philips St.

      Charleston, SC

      *Doc's Bar and Grill

      Old Hwy 52

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *Coastal Produce

      500 N. Cedar St.

      Summerville, SC

      *Flip Side Salon

      1008 Old Hwy 52

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *Flip Flop Shop

      4840 Tanger Outlet Blvd

      North Charleston, SC

      *The Harley Shop

      57 South Market St.

      Charleston, SC

      *Ice House

      104 E. Doty Ave.

      Summerville, SC

      *Living Tees

      1389 N. Hwy 52

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *Lowcountry Harley Davidson

      4707 Dorchester, RD

      North Charleston, SC

      *Maui Tan

      1585 Central Ave.

      Summerville, SC

      *Oscars Catering and Restaurant

      207 W. 5th North St.

      Summerville, SC

      *Old Navy (only for June 30th)

      1720 Towne Center Way

      Mt. Pleasant, SC

      *Old Navy (only for June 30th)

      4840 Tanger Outlet Blvd.

      North Charleston, SC

      *Old Navy (only for June 30th)

      7620 Rivers Ave.

      North Charleston, SC

      *Rollie Pollies

      9730 Dorchester Rd

      Summerville, SC

      * Reeves Elementry School

      1003 Dubose School Rd.

      Summerville, SC

      *Russellville Christian Church

      1681 Hwy 35

      St. Stephen,SC

      *Steel Horse Saloon

      2003 Old Hwy 53

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *Sand Shack

      5090 Ashley Phosphate Rd.

      North Charleston, SC

      *Sandlapper Group Real Estate

      902 Savannah Hwy.

      West Ashley, SC

      *Season's OB/GYN

      9279-A Medical Plaza Dr.

      Summerville, SC

      *Santee Circle Church

      1258 N. Hwy 52

      Moncks Corner, SC

      *TJ'S Beef and Brew

      214 St. James Blvd

      Goose Creek, SC