Dorchester County evacuation shelters

Voluntary Evacuation Shelters are normally the first to open. They remain open if a Mandatory Evacuation occurs and the additional Mandatory Evacuation shelters open.

Note: All of these shelters may not open. Shelters can be opened or closed on an as-needed basis. Always monitor your local broadcast media for information on which shelters are open.

Do not go to a shelter unless advised it is open!

"V"=Voluntary "M"=Mandatory

Shelter V/M Location Status Woodland High SchoolM4128 US Hwy. 78 (map)ClosedHarleyville-Ridgeville Elementary SchoolV{}1650 E. Main St. (map)ClosedSummerville Elementary SchoolM{}835 So. Main St. (map)ClosedBeech Hill Elementary SchoolM{}1001 Beech Hill Rd. (map)ClosedFort Dorchester High SchoolV{}8500 Patriot Blvd. (map)ClosedSummerville High SchoolV1101 Boone Hill Rd. (map)ClosedSpecial Needs Shelter: Summerville Senior CenterV312 N. Laurel St. (map)Closed

If you've decided to not stay in your home, or you live in a Mobile or Manufactured Home, and cannot go to a friend or family member's residence then an American Red Cross Hurricane Shelter is available for you. Please know that Public Shelters provide very few comforts and are intended to provide a relatively safe shelter for those who have no other options.

What To Bring To A Shelter

* Blankets or sleeping bag, pillows, air mattresses or cot/s if you have one

* Any special dietary needs. Non-perishable packed or canned food including high energy snack items.

* One gallon of water per person per day in clean plastic containers. Do not bring glass containers.

* Any required medicines, especially prescription drugs. The style & serial number of special medical devices such as pace makers.

* Personal hygiene and sanitary items (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, towels, etc.)

* A change of clothing, rain gear and sturdy shoes

* Special items for infants (formula, diapers, etc.), elderly or disabled family members

* An extra set of car keys

* Credit cards and cash (not for use at the shelter, you'll need these when you return home)

* Important family and household papers (Birth & Marriage certificates, Insurance policies, etc.)

* Flashlights, Battery Powered Radio or TV with extra batteries

* Books, games, coloring books for children