Dorchester Co. voters faced with sales tax hike proposal

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Voters in Dorchester County will be faced with a tax referendum on Nov. 5 at the ballot.{}

The referendum calls on citizens to either accept or reject a one-percent increase in sales tax. With the sales tax hike, citizens with property in Dorchester County, including a home, vehicle, rental property or retail space, will see a reduction in their property taxes.

The proposal is being put forth by Dorchester County Council.

Bill Hearn, the Chairman of Dorchester County Council, says every bordering county has the same law in place and that it does work because it's been tested in both Charleston and Berkeley counties with success.

Hearn says the similar proposal has been defeated three times at the ballot by Dorchester County citizens in the past.

"I guess for me it's just we shouldn't be raising taxes to lower taxes," said one undecided Dorchester County voter. "Property owners, yeah, we do have to pay higher taxes on our property but raising taxes to lower taxes just doesn't make sense to me."

"I'm for it if it is going to help keep the community, help the county, accomplish the needed thing that needs to be done," said another Dorchester County voter. "I'm sure it has its good and bad points."

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