DOT meeting set for pedestrian crosswalk on Crosstown

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A mother who lost her daughter is determined to make Charleston's Crosstown safer. Lindsey Ranz was killed crossing the street.

Now Lynnette Ranz is taking her fight, and the thousands of dollars she's raised, to Columbia to convince lawmakers to build a pedestrian overpass in the place where her daughter died.

Life hasn't been the same for the Ranz family since losing Lindsey in 2013. Family photographs and modeling pictures are constant reminders of what they lost.

"I know I'll never get over her loss. I will live that day every day. I want her pictured handing and her artwork around. I want her baby shoes on my dresser. She's my daughter forever," Ranz said.

Through the Lindsey Taylor Ranz Foundation, something good may come from the tragedy - the construction of a pedestrian overpass.

State Rep. Wendell Gilliard has secured the funding needed for the Department of Transportation to do a study of the area.

A public forum has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday with DOT officials at Nichols Church in Charleston.

"The DOT will bring reps down and explain to citizens the process of what the study involved, how long to expect. And that's the main question on everyone's mind, how long this process will take," he said. "He will explain all that."

But through petitions and fundraisers, Ranz is determined to get something done soon so no other families have to live the nightmare she copes with every day.

"This is something I have taken on because I have a passion in making sure that no one else is crying and hurting because their loved one wanted to cross a street," Ranz said.

The memorial is still there on the side of the Crosstown.

Ranz stops by it each week to take care of things.