Downtown just got a little sweeter

The IT'SUGAR store in Vegas (

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- If you were wondering where you could find the largest box of Nerds or a bolster pillow shaped like a Tootsie Roll, look no further than North Market Street.

The popular candy and accessory store IT'SUGAR is opening a 2,000 square foot location on Market Street, it's second in the state behind the store in Myrtle Beach's Broadway at the Beach.

"Everyone needs a place to let loose and indulge," says Jeff Rubin, founder of IT'SUGAR. "We are all about having fun and I am excited to share my love of candy with the people of Charleston."

IT'SUGAR is where you can find The World's Largest Box of Nerds, The World's Largest SweeTarts Candy, and The World's Largest Box of Pop Rocks along with home accessories and clothing with popular candy brands emblazoned on them.

They also have a beauty collection with lotions, body mists, shower gels, scented nail polish and{} perfumes and tech accessories to sweeten up your smartphones.

IT'SUGAR will be setting up shop in the old Aroma's just down from the Rainbow Market at 50 North Market Street next to the Moon Pie Store.

Editor's Note: Company name is in all caps, not to be cute or for emphasis, but because it's the official corporate name of the store.