Dreamliner lands in the Palmetto State

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's a day long anticipated for the Boeing company and South Carolina.

On Monday morning Boeing's first 787 Dreamliner landed for the first time at the company's new facility in North Charleston.

Today's historic moment is being celebrated by Lowcountry Boeing employees, who gathered on the runway to welcome in the state-of-the-art commercial airliner by spraying it down with water cannons.

Boeing officials have touted the Dreamliner as the jet that will revolutionize air travel. The Boeing 787 is capable of carrying nearly 300 passengers, and has a flight range of 8,000 miles.

According to the aviation giant the feature that makes the 787 truly special is the composite metal alloy making up its body -- making it more fuel efficient.

In fact, Boeing says its lighter design uses about 20 percent less fuel than most mid-size commercial jets, allowing it to fly further and faster.

Of course the 787 program has seen its share of problems, delivery has been delayed several times, but executives for the company say the problems have been resolved.

The company already has orders for 862 of these next generation jets, and Boeing's new assembly plant in North Charleston is expected to help meet the demand.

The jet received rave reviews from airline industry leaders this past week at an air show in Paris. South Carolina's Governor Nikki Haley made an appearance at the show to tout the Dreamliner.

The first Dreamliner to land in the Lowcountry is not staying long, it is scheduled to take off again Wednesday afternoon en route to the company's other 787 assembly plant in Seattle Washington.