Drivers over dollars: Local pizzeria owner says safety comes first

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The recent murder of a Domino's Pizza deliveryman, was an alarming reminder of why Adam Carb takes precautions before he sends his workers out to deliver food.

Carb is the owner/partner of Steel City Pizza Company, formerly known as Giuseppi's. He says knowing the market in which you provide service is key to avoiding trouble. An unsafe environment, he says, can also often be detected over the phone.

"When people are calling in to place an order, our phone people, in a perfect world will let us know, let management know, if someone sounds intoxicated or it sounds like maybe a rowdy group or something. We want them to let us know that 'hey, this is going here, but they/it kind of sounded funny,'" Carb said.

That's when Carb says he has to step in.

"I'll just be honest. I'll say, I'm not comfortable sending one of my drivers to you. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to come pick up the pizza, but I really don't want to send one of my drivers to you," Carb said.

Carb says on occasion he has to refuse delivery to certain customers. He says his drivers are more important than dollars.

"Drivers, they are people. They are husbands, they're wives, they're sisters or brothers. It's our responsibility to make the right decision. Choosing a dollar over someone's safety that's just not right," Carb said.

Carb has found a way to identify unsafe homes or areas within the company's computer system.

Carb also does not allow his drivers to carry large bills or large amounts of money.

"I don't have a business without employees, and number one is employee safety," Carb said.