Drones, SWAT surround Summerville game after gang threats

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Drones, metal detectors, and a SWAT presence were just a few of the security measures taken Friday night at Summerville's Homecoming game after threats of gang violence.

The enhanced security comes after Dorchester District 2 officials were informed of the threat of two rival gangs sorting out their differences at the game.

Fortunately, there was no criminal behavior at the game and the fans who showed up were appreciative of the precautions taken.

"It is very scary to come here tonight. It's such a change, I've been coming here for so many years. Now we have armed guards. I couldn't carry my purse, I forgot my phone. I'm a little out of my sorts," said Ann Almers, a Summerville residents.

Officials decided to move the time of the game up by 90 minutes, opened the gates shortly after school ended for the day, and then posted armed officers all over the stadium.

"I saw people that were really scared on what could possibly happen. And I saw a lot of precautions taken to stop anything that could happen," said Summerville junior Graham Knode.

For seniors, their final debut was tarnished slightly by the threat, but that didn't keep them from enjoying the night on center stage.

"It's scary. It's different. I've come here every year and there has never been any security like this. They are taking precautions, which makes me more comfortable to be here," said Summerville senior Savanna Hutto.

And at the end of the night, the game will go into the record books, but not because of its score. Everyone who spoke to ABC News 4 at the game said they have never seen a game with that much security for a high school football game.

But Summerville did come out on top at the final whistle, beating Colleton 43-13.