Dry or not people still flock to Folly

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) - The first dry Fourth didn't stop a large crowd from heading to the Edge of America for some sun, sand and fun.

A Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission employee stationed at the Fishing Pier said his lot filled up before 9 a.m. Thursday. Cars lined up on Folly Road with a 20-minute wait time to access the beach before lunchtime.

While the beachgoers still flocked to Folly, people had varying opinions about this Independence Day atmosphere.

Max Condon is a Charleston local who came out with a group of friends where they enjoyed volleyball on the beach. He says the beach doesn't feel any different.

"It's very Folly. It's very relaxed and a very loving atmosphere. You can't go wrong; this is great," he said.

His friend, Adam Wright, also a local, felt differently.

"The crowd dissipated a little bit, but that probably has something to do with the alcohol ban," he said.

Wright said he has definitely noticed an increase in law enforcement this year.

"At least every 30 minutes you'll see two or three cops go by checking making sure you're behaving and not drinking," he said.

While Wright respects the patrolling, he admits he is saddened that he can't have a cold alcoholic beverage.

"It's just a real bummer," he said simply.

For Jenny Broe, of Charleston, and her visiting friend Brittany Brown it is the inconvenience of it all that upset them.

"We've been away from our friends for an hour just so we could have a margarita and then make it to the beach," Brown said. "It would just be nice to enjoy responsibly with our friends because we are missing out on friend time just to get a drink."

The two say they also enjoy the beach bar at Tides hotel, which keeps them close, but they have to also wait in a long line instead reaching into their now-banned cooler on the beach.

"They play music, it's great but the second you cross that threshold, your cup's got to go. It would be awesome just to be able to enjoy the beach be in the water and have a little buzz," Broe said.