Cody to caddy for fellow Pinewood alum Dambaugh

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Katelyn Dambaugh knows the magnitude of the tournament she's about to play in. She also knows the prestige of the US Women's Amateur being played at the Country Club of Charleston.

"It makes me more nervous with people expecting a lot from me because I've played that place so much. It's a lot more pressure," said Dambaugh, who graduated Pinewood Prep and will play for the South Carolina Gamecocks next season.{}

Pressure in golf can certainly be alleviated by having a good caddy. So Dambaugh is turning to one with very little caddying experience, but that is not a disadvantage, she says.{}

"I've caddied for a couple of buddies. This is a good experience for me, being the Women's AM; it doesn't get much bigger than that for women's golf," said Austin Cody, a fellow Pinewood Prep graduate and current Duke University golfer. {}

Looking for someone to loop, Dambaugh didn't have to look very far, finding a willing Cody to carry the bag for her.{}

"Great to have Austin on the bag. We're best friends; he'll be able to help keep me calm, keep me laughing and it's going to be a really good time," said Dambaugh.{}

It's always nice for Dambaugh to have one of the top golfers in the state of South Carolina carrying her bag, even better because of how familiar Cody is with the Country Club of Charleston.{}

"He's going to help a lot especially with the greens. He knows them so well. That is my struggle, the grain and which way the greens go -- he'll be a big help with that."{}

Cody does have his plan for looping next weekend.{}

"I'll stay back, keep her calm and have fun out there. If she asks for anything, I'll help her out.{} As I said, I know the course pretty well if she needs any help" said Cody.{}

While readying for the US Amateur, she is helping him ready for his final season at Duke and he is helping her ready for her first as a Gamecock.{}

"We've been able to practice quite a bit," said Cody. "We play a lot together, been good for both of us, both of us have gotten much better."

For now, concentration is on the tournament in front of both of them.{}

"Definitely means so much, especially being in my hometown," said Dambaugh. "Having Austin on the bag means so much to do good. With all of the support I have, I'm very blessed."{}

She's got the game to win and now she's got a proven winner with her -- stride for stride.{}

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