Earl Brown comes out of retirement to coach Baptist Hill

By Scott

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Lowcountry coaching legend Earl Brown has decided to come out of retirement.{}

After 42 years of coaching, over 700 wins and a trip to the lower state championship last year with Burke, Brown decided to retire.{}

That retirement was short lived.{}

"It was one of those situations that it came open and I just decided I'd put my name in the hat, I always said along that when I retired if I was to go somewhere it would be to a St. Johns, Baptist Hill, Lincoln, one of those places and Baptist Hill came open" said Brown.{}

Brown got the call from his former student and assistant, Baptist Hill athletic director Marion Brown, and he says the choice was easy.

"Somehow I just kind of got attached to those folks and how they treated me every time I was in the area, it was like going home.{} It's like going home because I've got a lot of friends in the area I met 20 or 30 years in that area," said Brown.

Brown had unparalleled success at Burke, and he plans on keeping his coaching style very similar when he heads to one of their rival schools. {}

"Some of the same things I did at Burke high school and just to improve on what they've done because I'm following two young guys that did a great job when they were there," he said.{}

Former Baptist Hill head coach Tron Grant has accepted an assistant coaching position under Ronnie Dupre at West Ashley High School.

"I think it is and it keeps me close to the kids, and that's one of the things that is dear to me" {}says Brown.{}

And when asked if 800 wins is in his future - "I think it's on the horizon but I don't plan on staying that long."{}