Ellington prepares for bowl game, possible entry in NFL draft

ORLANDO, Fla. (WCIV) -- The clock is ticking on the Gamecocks' big Capital One Bowl match-up with Wisconsin, and it also may be the last time Lowcountry native Bruce Ellington in a USC football uniform.{}

Ellington is always plotting his next move. While he prepares for the game against the Badgers, he knows he will be back on the hard court and Gamecock hoops next week. He's even getting a head start with Shaq Roland.

"Out of me and him, I'd be wrong if I told you he was pretty good. We played; he got the win but it's all good," Ellington said.

But there is a next move hanging over Ellington's head with a few more implications -- the NFL draft. He is still eligible as a Gamecock, but he's already graduated and turned in his papers to see where the NFL thinks he might go.

"If it says pretty good, I'll talk to Coach Martin and tell him I want to go," Ellington said. "I'm waiting on it. I don't know what it is going to come down to. I'm going to sit with my family and make whatever decision we make together."

His cousin Andre is already in the league. The two don't talk about the decision, but Ellington certainly knows what it takes.

"I see him doing his thing, making plays. I know how fast he is. I need to pick it up a bit," Ellington said.

It's pretty amazing to think that a guy who signed to play basketball in Columbia out of Berkeley High School is now sitting down to talk about moving into the NFL. Even he didn't see this coming.

"I came to play basketball and just ended up playing football and going good coming through high school. High school was easy, if you're faster, but come to college in the SEC, guys have the same speed. So you have to work hard on the little things," he said. "I'm just happy to be out here making plays."

But Ellington knows this might be his final curtain call.

"I want to go out on a win, as a player, I want to go out on a win. I'm going to do what I've been doing: play hard, play together, and try to get a win," he said.

Ellington certainly has a knack for making the big plays in the big games. From the Berkeley High state title game in 2009 to the final minute, game-winning catch in Outback Bowl last year.{}

Now only time will tell what Ellington will do in the Capital One Bowl.