Elms Digestive Specialists talk Colon Cancer Awareness Month

MOUNT PLEASANT S.C. All you gentlemen listen up, it's a relatively simple procedure that could very well save your life.

March is colon cancer awareness month and DR. Marc New with Elms Digestive Specialists stopped by the Lowcountry Live studio's Wednesday to talk about the importance of colon screenings.

Thursday, March 8 is National Colon Cancer Screening Day and doctors across the country and here in South Carolina are undergoing an effort to screen 1,000 first-time patients for colon cancer.

"It is a routine procedure that can really save your life. " Dr. New said.{} "There is no reason to be scared on embarrassed and it can help catch early warning signs of cancer."

Dr. New and the team at Elms Digestive Center recommends that men 50 years of age and older (45 years of age and older for African Americans) or for those who have a family history of polyps or colon cancer to schedule a colonoscopy as soon as possible.

The Colonoscopy is the most effective method of screening for colon cancer.

During the procedure, pre cancerous polyps can be detected and removed before they develop into cancer, making a colonoscopy the only test that allows both diagnosis and treatment at the same time.

For more information of colon cancer or to schedule a colonoscopy call the Elms Digestive specialists at (843) 797-6800.

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