Engineers: Dorchester Road construction to finish in 3 months

By Stacy

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- For drivers on Dorchester Road, the view has been the same since 2011: construction and orange cones with no end in sight.

"It's been going on a long time. A lot of my customers are frustrated," said Doug Rock, who owns On the Rocks Spirits and Wine, located in a plaza at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Bacons Bridge Road.

Two county councilman were tired of waiting. They were tired of people being in the dark on a project that's gone on past the planned end date.

"At this point we understand weather delays caused a lot of the delay. This project was supposed to be done last November. However, we are well in to late spring," Councilman Jay Byars said.

Donnie Dukes with engineering firm Davis & Floyd, Inc. said weather and relocating utilities delayed construction. He also said crews originally used the wrong base material, an issue they had to correct.

Byars also said a lot of people had asked why they never see anyone working on the construction.

"When I walk by here at 8 o'clock in the morning I see a bunch of guys standing around instead of working," said Kevin McCarthy, who chose to walk down Dorchester Road to the store Monday night.

Dukes said much of the work had to be done overnight and in shifts.

"It's a sequence you have to go through to do productive work. For one thing, we had to let the roadbed sit for 10 days with no activity because we'd just put down the refurbished cement base," Dukes said.

All the car traffic on Dorchester Road has slowed foot traffic at Rock's Liquor Store, he said.

"With the lane shifting, people aren't seeing the business so we're not getting as much as traffic as we could," he said.

Engineers said lanes will reopen by July and the full project will be finished in August. But Kevin McCarthy isn't going to hold his breath.

"I don't think it's going to get done," he said.

He kept walking, right past the signs of a project already delayed six months.

Council members also asked engineers to keep the public more informed of the construction's progress. Dukes said they would start updating Dorchester County's website once a week.