Ernie Els continues his climb to the top

By John

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- He goes by the nickname of The Big Easy Ernie Els is an imposing figure on the golf course. 65 career victories including 4 major Championships-- but it wasn't long ago that the golf experts concluded his best golf was behind him, and then last month, he wins the Open championship for the second time.{}

It is rare these days not to find Ernie Els without a smile on his face. The four time major champion is coming off his Open Championship victory at Royal Lytham.{}

A former world number one, Els had lost confidence in his game, but points to his victory at the world golf championship in 2010 as the turning point in resurrecting his career.

"I feel whenever you have a good routine, a pretty short routine for your golf shots, and you're clear in your mind with what you want to do, there's not too many things flying around in your head," Els said Wednesday.{}

Choosing the right club has never been a problem for The Big Easy, and while he meticulously works on his short game, he knows it's the guys swinging the big drivers that will have the advantage this weekend.{}

"Bubba, Dustin, Tiger, they're real long guys. Those guys can fly it 320. Those guys can reach all four par-5s now. I can hit it 300 but I can't fly it 320," Els admitted.{}{}

The par-3 at 17 could decide golf's final major.

"Yesterday evening I played it and I had to hit a 3-iron there. It's a difficult hole. Those two bunkers on the left might get a lot of play," said Els.{}

Ernie Els, The Big Easy, currently 10th in the world golf rankings, as he continues his climb back to the top.