Police stake out escaped convict for 6 days, catch him at a strip club

Billy Jack Hanna (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- An inmate that escaped from a pre-release work program in Mount Pleasant is back in Department of Corrections custody.

Billy Jack Hanna, 41, was captured around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

Officials say Hanna walked away from his job site back on September 5. He was serving a five year sentence for grand larceny in Horry County.

In a statement from Surfside Beach Police, CHief Mike Frederick says a task force including SCDOC and his department conducted undercover operations for six days before catching Hanna at a strip club in Myrtle Beach.

"SBPD's US Marshal Service Fugitive Task Force officer, SBPD officers, and officers with the HorryCounty Police Department also located an additional suspected burglary site in an Horry Countycampground where it is believed that Hanna has been hiding out for at least several days," said Chief Frederick. "HCPD may bring additional criminal charges against HANNA in relation to that site."

Officials say Hanna was assigned to the Coastal Pre-release Center, a minimum security facility located in Charleston.

According to John Barkley with the SC Dept. of Corrections,{} Hanna had been working at Pleasant Places Lawn Care on Long Point Road since July 26. Barkley says a DOC staff member arrived to pick up the inmate,{}and discovered that{}Hanna had{}escaped. Barkley tells us Hanna was scheduled to be released in July 2013. Chief Frederick said Hanna "will face additional criminal charges attendant to his escape."