Eutawville lottery winner comes forward to claim $1 million prize

EUTAWVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- After nearly a month, a Eutawville woman came forward to collect her $1 million prize.{}

The winning ticket had been sold in mid-December at the Bells Marina on Old Highway 6. But the woman did not claim it until Wednesday.

"I've been riding the ticket around," laughed the winner, who did not wish to share her name.

Lottery commission officials said the woman was joined by her children who described her as always being lucky.{}

The odds of her finding the winning ticket were 1 in 1.5million, but she did at Bells Marina.

"I saw the $1 million on the ticket and laid it down,"she said. "Then I picked it back up."

The winner did not share any definite plans for thewinnings.

For selling the claimed ticket, Bells Marina inEutawville received a commission of $10,000.